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The History of Budmarsh

The name “Budmarsh” is special and conjures many happy, magical memories for our family.

Granny grew up in India, where her family affectionately referred to someone who played up mischievously as “a little Budmarsh”. The term was passed on to the next generation, who continue to cherish it. When life seems full of toil and despair, it is good to think of “Budmarshes” who bring light, joy and laughter.

Soon after acquiring the Budmarsh farm, one of our spring walks saw us caught in a marshy area. Our shoes were completely submerged as we sank into the luxurious marsh.

Together with the buds on the trees, the marsh rang with potential for growth, and we were reminded once again of “Budmarshes”. So, we had a name for our place – a place we hope will be one of light, joy and laughter.


Budmarsh is the creation of Ken and Meg Fargher. Ken is the chairperson of a software development and consulting company and Meg is a management consultant and writer/author, with experience having led a few of South Africa’s top private schools.

Glynn Peacock is the manager of the lodge, and will make your stay at Budmarsh a memorable one.

Tracy Watson and Nikki Nolte are our very capable reservations staff, based at our office in Johannesburg. They will attend to your enquiries and bookings.