Searching for the elusive Budmarshes

Budmarshes are little creatures that thrive in spaces of happiness. There is a great deal to be said about them. Recently some children visiting Budmarsh Country Lodge over Easter decided to search for them. 

Could these little mushrooms be a staircase for the elusive little Budmarshes?
Masters of camouflage, the Budmarshes eluded the children. However, their search revealed evidence to prove that Budmarshes are indeed thriving in the vicinity.

At the big oak near the old shed filled with old farm implements, there is a magnificent example of an old and sturdy fungus that is quite obviously an excellent shelter for a variety of creatures. Likewise, at the duck pond dam (a favourite spot for picnickers) there is another notable mushroom that speaks volumes: it has seen fit to grow itself into the form of little stairs, making the trunk of the tree on which it grows an ideal escape route for Budmarshes.

Children are next welcome at Budmarsh on Mother’s Day and on Father’s Day, and I am sure more evidence of these little creatures is sure to be found by these special young guests, upon whose laughter the elusive little Budmarshes thrive.

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