New breakfast menu

After the six course dinner at Budmarsh on the evening of the previous day, I promised myself I would not eat breakfast the next morning. 

But such is the nature of feeble promises… My resolve disappeared the minute I saw the new breakfast menu. It was an impossible task to desist from the delicious choices.

First, I caved in at the continental buffet and then the menu for the hot breakfast arrived. I chose the melted mozzarella and poached egg on a delectable Budmarsh croissant. Who cares that it takes 20 minutes to prepare – it gave me a reason to eat more from the buffet table and to try to recover in time for the next course.

And just who can resist a freshly made Budmarsh croissant? The sauce vierge drizzled tantalisingly on the plate as an accompaniment was a great finishing touch and the certain signature of executive chef, Chris. I wonder what new delights will be added in the future…

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