Nature has its moments

Recently, our resident Cape clawless otter, which lives in one of the nearby dams, made an appearance in the dead of night to feast on a dinner of Peking duck. He - it must be a he for he has a gargantuan appetite - ate not one but all of our 10 lovely, white Peking ducks!

Although we don't have a shot of the Budmarsh otter - yet - this is what the Cape clawless otter looks like. Image courtesy of OtterFreak
Our ducks, fluffy little creatures that used to waddle delightfully about the place, will be very missed by the Budmarsh family and many of our guests. We now have to think very carefully about how we are going to secure the Budmarsh Duck House to keep it safe from the paws of the ravenous otter. Since we have not yet worked out a Fort Knox plan for the Duck House, any suggestions are welcome!

This isn't the first time the greedy otter has made his presence known... 

earlier this year, we populated our pond with a selection of fabulous koi. Ghost koi, mottled koi, golden koi, orange koi and black koi swam happily amongst the frogs... until Mister Otter decided to pay them a visit. He consumed not one, but all 20 of them!

How do I persuade our now very-resident Cape clawless otter to visit other establishments in the area? I know Budmarsh is known for its hospitality, but this may be taking things a bit far...

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