Keeping it Fresh in Summer

Budmarsh is lush and beautiful at this time of year. The season of giving is now the season of growing. Executive Chef, Chris, aims to keep all his fare redolent of that fresh loveliness of this season by including fresh herbs from his carefully tended herb garden.

Chris designs menus that are light and modern with an interesting twist on conventional themes. Fresh herbs, used by a dexterous master chef, contribute to meals that allow one to leave the table feeling replete and satisfied. Fresh herbs are subtle and add intrigue to a dish and Chris has certainly ensured he has enough to choose from.

However, venturing to pick something from the herb garden without permission comes with a very serious caution! Chris is meticulous about the herbs and manicures leaves with fine precision – no one else may venture to assist and from their healthy state it seems that the herbs are more than satisfied with the arrangement!


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