Even racing pigeons can’t resist the peacefulness of Budmarsh!

Is this your racing pigeon?
A racing pigeon flying over Budmarsh recently decided to obey the call of his soul rather than his ego, and gave up on winning a race for his owner.

Drawn by the tranquillity he felt as he flew over Budmarsh, he decided to pay a visit and has since settled comfortably at the lodge.

It is hard to read the details on the ring around his delicate leg, but his homing instincts have led him to a place he rather likes.

His owner is very welcome to collect him, as we are somewhat concerned that he may alert some of his fellow pigeons wishing for greater freedom to join him.

Of course, he may be wise and just keep the little secret of Budmarsh to himself so that he does not have to share it too much!

This little guy is very happily settling himself in at the lodge

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