Creativity unleashed at Budmarsh

Tracy Watson, the Reservations Manager, at Budmarsh recently attended a photographic course in New Bethseda in the Karoo.  We are so lucky to be the beneficiaries of her talent as her photos capture the colourful summer joys to be found at Budmarsh. 

Paradise Fly Catcher above the Sunday Lunch Patio

The ducks are very busy as they nibble their way across the Budmarsh lawns and paths.  The glorious storms that crescendo and rumble during the Highveld summer, have a distinct colour, smell and sound.  Tracy’s photo depicts the beauty in the grey of the imminent storm.

Budmarsh Ducks

The aftermath of the storm is gently described in the poem penned by one of our guests, Pippa Jarvis.

A Poem, by Pippa Jarvis

Perhaps it is these surroundings that unleash the creative spirit and in particular the creative passion of the Budmarsh Executive Chef and his team.

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