The heat is on not only in the kitchen.

A property close to Budmarsh decided to burn their dumping site and as nature would have it, an August wind arose and the fire spread rapidly and powerfully into the grass of the lodge.  Fortunately the dams, canals and small bodies of water on the farm prevented the fire from reaching the Lodge or the staff quarters.

Double Gold for Chef as he helps train students

Hospitality students from Westcol were treated to a demonstration on how to fillet a fish by Budmarsh Country Lodge’s Executive Chef.

Our fruit grove is in bloom

A grove of lemon, lime and olive trees was planted at Budmarsh in early summer, with the hope that within a few years it would be an ideal place to enjoy a summer picnic.

Even racing pigeons can’t resist the peacefulness of Budmarsh!

A racing pigeon flying over Budmarsh recently decided to obey the call of his soul rather than his ego, and gave up on winning a race for his owner.

Keep up to date with us online!

Did you know that Budmarsh is on Facebook and Flickr, as well as tweeting away on Twitter?

New life in the Budmarsh dam

The Budmarsh dam has some new residents...

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Budmarsh

This Mother's Day, treat your mother to a memorable experience at Budmarsh.

A new online home for Budmarsh

Our new website showcases the very best of what Budmarsh has to offer its guests, from luxurious accommodation and memorable fine dining, to scenic natural surrounds and special events.