The Curiosity Cabinet – let’s hope the minister of health doesn’t get any ideas

Those keen to contemplate and wonder at who the Merchant of Marvels might really be and those who like to consider where they have come from in their journey and where they might go cannot help staring into the glass of the antique Curiosity Cabinet in the Oak Tree Dining Room at Budmarsh. 

Our fruit grove is in bloom

A grove of lemon, lime and olive trees was planted at Budmarsh in early summer, with the hope that within a few years it would be an ideal place to enjoy a summer picnic.

Even racing pigeons can’t resist the peacefulness of Budmarsh!

A racing pigeon flying over Budmarsh recently decided to obey the call of his soul rather than his ego, and gave up on winning a race for his owner.

The heat is on in the Budmarsh kitchen

Being known as someone with an overdeveloped sense of integrity, I thought this may be a useful blog for people who visit establishments.

Nature has its moments

Recently, our resident Cape clawless otter, which lives in one of the nearby dams, made an appearance in the dead of night to feast on a dinner of Peking duck.

The latest visitor to room 10

Budmarsh is a nature lover's dream come true. This little guy dropped in to say hello, and is now ensconced in the loving arms of our infatuated staff at reception.