Our fruit grove is in bloom

A grove of lemon, lime and olive trees was planted at Budmarsh in early summer, with the hope that within a few years it would be an ideal place to enjoy a summer picnic.

Father’s Day is just around the corner!

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 17... what are your plans?

Even racing pigeons can’t resist the peacefulness of Budmarsh!

A racing pigeon flying over Budmarsh recently decided to obey the call of his soul rather than his ego, and gave up on winning a race for his owner.

Keep up to date with us online!

Did you know that Budmarsh is on Facebook and Flickr, as well as tweeting away on Twitter?

The heat is on in the Budmarsh kitchen

Being known as someone with an overdeveloped sense of integrity, I thought this may be a useful blog for people who visit establishments.

A reflection on 21st century fathers

The problem with fathers is few realise how very important and special their role is. 

Take your conferencing to new heights with Budmarsh

A conference in the country is worth two in the city. Well, we think so anyway.

Pamper yourself with Budmarsh

Escape the stress of the city and treat yourself to a pampering weekend at Budmarsh!

New life in the Budmarsh dam

The Budmarsh dam has some new residents...

Our special birthday weekend

A visitor's birthday experience with Budmarsh...