The Curiosity Cabinet – let’s hope the minister of health doesn’t get any ideas

Those keen to contemplate and wonder at who the Merchant of Marvels might really be and those who like to consider where they have come from in their journey and where they might go cannot help staring into the glass of the antique Curiosity Cabinet in the Oak Tree Dining Room at Budmarsh. 

On the menu this weekend…

The Budmarsh experience isn't complete without a scrumptious feast courtesy of our incredible chef, Chris.

Wilderness is paradise

Budmarsh offers guests luxurious accommodation, top-notch service, memorable dining experiences and comfort-supreme. One of its best offerings, however, can be found simply by taking a peaceful stroll through the grounds.

A few things you didn’t know about high tea

Away from the polluted and noisy city, in the heart of the scenic Magaliesberg, Budmarsh Country Lodge waits to welcome you to its landscaped gardens, where you can enjoy a high tea experience.

A haven of tranquility: video

Enjoy this little virtual tour of Budmarsh, a haven of tranquility in a charming country setting.

Stylish and fun: Potjiekos, Budmarsh style

The Budmarsh executive chef, Chris, nearly flipped all the lids in the kitchen when he was told a conference wanted a potjie for dinner.

A day of trout fishing for Father’s Day

Father's Day was extra special for a group of fathers who were treated to trout fishing lessons at Budmarsh.

Our fruit grove is in bloom

A grove of lemon, lime and olive trees was planted at Budmarsh in early summer, with the hope that within a few years it would be an ideal place to enjoy a summer picnic.

Father’s Day is just around the corner!

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 17... what are your plans?

Even racing pigeons can’t resist the peacefulness of Budmarsh!

A racing pigeon flying over Budmarsh recently decided to obey the call of his soul rather than his ego, and gave up on winning a race for his owner.